Chairman's Message

Message from APERF 2018 Meeting Chair

Tatsuo Hatta

It is my great pleasure and honor to hold the 2018 Asia Pacific Energy Regulatory (APER) Forum Meeting in Japan. Since the predecessor of the APER Forum Meeting was held in Australia in 2010, the Forum Meeting has been convened every two years, with each country taking turns in hosting them, namely, the U.S. in 2012, New Zealand in 2014, and the Republic of Korea in 2016. This is the 4th APER Forum Meeting. I am truly pleased to welcome the participants of the delegates from member countries and guests from both home and abroad.

The world energy situation is now rapidly changing. Global energy demand driven by emerging economies is expected to greatly increase. On the other hand, hopes for control over CO2 emissions are rising. In this context, how to implement renewable energy, battery storage, EV, IoT and other innovative technologies has become a worldwide issue.

Particularly, in Japan, full liberalization of the electricity retail market was launched from April 2016, and then followed by full liberalization of the gas retail market from April 2017. Various reforms of energy systems are also being carried out around the world. Therefore, energy regulatory bodies in both Japan and around the world are expected to put market mechanisms to work efficiently, and to lead the introduction of new technologies.

With the above issues in mind, we decided to raise the following three topics in this APER Forum Meeting:

Theme 1 - The future of electricity network with disruptive technologies
Theme 2 - Competitive and investable energy market
Theme 3 - Issues for market surveillance and regulation

I hope that this occasion will encourage establishment of networking among energy regulators in the Asia-Pacific region, and that discussions in this Forum Meeting will contribute to more appropriate surveillance and rulemaking in national electricity and gas regulations in each respective country.

The Forum Meeting is held in November, a season of good weather in Japan. I would like to express my wish that you enjoy the beauty and the delicious foods of autumn in Japan. In addition, we are planning field trips related to Japanese electricity infrastructure and smart energy technologies, which will hopefully also be enjoyable for you.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Japan.

Tatsuo Hatta
Tatsuo Hatta,
Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission (EGC)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry